I support leaders and organisations to articulate their purpose and bring that to life through how they lead.

The 21st Century is a complex and volatile place. Thriving in this landscape, requires new thinking, new perspectives and a new approach to how we lead, how we incentivise, how we treat our customers and employees and how we manage our organisations.

That is an exciting and sometimes daunting place to be - but the rewards are massive: increased productivity, profitability and happiness. A decrease in workload, sickness, fatigue and mental health issues.

These post-bureaucratic, purpose driven businesses are embracing the 21st Century: transforming their leadership, embracing employee-centricity, creating genuine psychological safety and engaging in true, bottom-up dialogue.

We are in the midst of the greatest shake up in how we work.

Want to join the revolution?



Some of the clients I work with and consult for.

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Ben is a consummate new age leader, he has the ability to create exceptional experiences with an unmissable human touch that is becoming all too rare.

He has an authentic empathy in all he does and is a joy to work with. Simply one of the very best.
— René Carayol, Leadership & Business Keynote Speaker I Advisor to Chief Executives & Heads of States I Author I Columnist I Commentator
Ben worked with our strategy team and my communications team to help craft the compelling story and the purpose of PostNL.

With Ben you get a sharp and innovative creative who knows how to solve complex business challenges.

Ben has been a valuable advisor for us.
— Simone Bel, Boardroom Advisor | Storyteller | Strategic Communications Advisor | Interim Manager | Leadership
His strategic approach is a breath of fresh air in a world often dominated by operational and pragmatic advisers.

Ben takes the long view and his perspective matches this... and he’s good fun to work with too!
— Paul Osgood, Clifford Chance