I work with leaders & teams who want to make a change but don’t always know what that looks like.

I work with the inexpressible, the feelings and often silent voices that exist in people and organisations. I bring that to the surface, help people understand and express it. I believe people and organisations have all the resources they need to thrive in the 21st Century - it just needs to be given a voice, focus and direction.

I’m trained in a number of systemic tools including Organisational & Relationship System Coaching (ORSC), The Leadership Circle, The Leadership Culture Survey, Systemic Storytelling and Lego Serious Play.

These tools have one common thread – the system: reading it, understanding it, expressing it and acting on it.

I’m a professional facilitator, team coach, writer, speaker and people geek.


I support organisations shape, articulate and bring their purpose to life; and the values, behaviours and culture that make it more than just words.

I support leaders to expand their consciousness and create cultures where people excel and bring the purpose of the business to life

I support teams to become living, dynamic, highly functional organisms that move, deliver and excel as one.