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What stands in our way and how do we overcome?

Defining the obstacles and how to overcome them is the essence of running a business or leading a team. As Richard Rumelt – one of the world’ leading strategic thinkers said:

“if you fail to identify and analyse the obstacles, you don’t have a strategy. Instead you have either a stretch goal, a budget or a list of things you wish would happen.”

Or put another way: how do you express and articulate all those things that stand in the way of being a truly great business. We know they are there? We can feel them, but we don’t know how to put them in to words. Sometimes just naming the elephant in the room can be a challenge.

Sessions can vary from 1 or 2 days to 2 or 3 weeks depending on team, business and the number of different people involved.

At the end of which:

  • we know and understand the landscape we operate in

  • we have identified the challenges and obstacles that stop us being where we want to be

  • we have agreed on the next steps, short- and mid-term, to overcome these obstacles

  • we have identified our competitive advantage