What is the culture we need to deliver our purpose?

Long term success is not about your Why. Of course, that is important when it comes to decision making and strategic choices. It’s not about your What – a lot of companies are in the same field and delivering similar products.

Long term business success is found in How you do what you do. How do you work together? How do you collaborate? How do you manage? How do you encourage innovation? How do you on board new talent? How do you say good-bye? How do you do feedback? How do you manage confrontation?

A clear Purpose and a clear why are necessary but what does that now mean for the business, for your culture and for How you work? How do you turn clever words in to strategy, culture and action?

The journey to define the changes that are needed within the business takes 2-6 weeks, embedding that change is the next 2-3 years. 

Typically I use The Leadership Circle and Leadership Culture Survey as tools to help understand where we are and where we want to be.

At the end of the process:

  • we have aligned the wider organisation with the purpose of the company (or team)

  • we have a clear understanding of what the culture needs to be – what sort of environment do we want to work in

  • we have outlined the obstacles that stand in the way of reaching that culture

  • we understand the impact legacy is having on business today

  • we have a set of next steps for what we need to transform and how that could work