What is our employer brand?

The Challenge

Defining and creating an employer brand is increasingly important for building a sustainable business. The battle for the right talent is putting a fresh set of pressures on fast-growing brands.

I was asked to work with a leading international retail group to use play to help them express their own employer brand.

We already had the story in place but the challenge was to validate that and find a way of checking if it really fitted the brand. How could we prove what we were saying? And what are the underlying values that connect and drive the brand.

The Process

I had 4 hours to work with the employer branding team.

We looked at two questions:

  1. What connects you to this brand?
  2. What do you tell people about the brand?

From these questions we built individual and shared models. 

We ended up with a single model that told the complete brand story.

The Result

There is always a surprise. The client had been looking for recruits with a specific skill set to join the international team. Once we looked back at the models - it became clear that what they really needed was people that shared the passion and the values of the brand - the rest would follow.

I didn’t expect that... we were looking for the wrong sort of people.
— Client

I don't refer to clients specifically in any cases studies.