Working in a more human and effective way

With out clear leadership, purpose and interaction - a team is nothing more than a aimless collection of people.

  • We have a clear purpose.
  • We know what we need to do.

  • But, we’re spread across several sights - how do we interact better?


The challenge

Technology allows a team seamless, consistent and continuous connections and communications. But it must be underpinned by something deeper.

Every team is unique and has a unique “team life” experience.


Take Real Madrid football team. They have a DNA, a flavour, a style and way of working together. You can swap out the odd player and it will impact the performance but it will not impact the unique ‘team life’ of Real Madrid.

The challenge in this case was to take a team that had the process in place, they had relationships in place – but they wanted to find a more fun, more human and most importantly, more effective way of working together. Despite all the technology and friendships – something was not quite clicking.

We helped our client identify and bring to the surface their unique team life experience, built that in to a team landscape and then used that to role play the future. This allowed to identify five Simple Guiding Principles that means whatever challenges they face – they have agreed on the way they will work together to fix it, overcome and win.


The results

  • A clear set of simple guiding principles that define and shape how we work together
  • A team aligned on what makes us a team
  • A team aligned on how we will work together in the future
  • A tighter and more honest connection between each member of the team

And in the long term, more happiness, more productivity and a better performance.


It makes sense that we as a team had a unique DNA but articulating that and using it as a foundation for how we work together was a totally new experience. Role Playing how different global and business events would impact the team and our responses really helped us define what it is that makes a team and bring tom the surface how we want to together.
— team member

The next step

A check-in with the team and some one-on-one support where necessary.


I never mention clients in these little ditties.