Defining & aligning our teams purpose and ambition

We have a new team.

We have a  new vision for the company.

We operate in a new business landscape

But, what is our role, what is our ambition as a team and how can we get there?


The challenge

How does a team shift from being a group of individuals to an effective, integrated group of people with a shared sense of identity, a shared story and shared vision?


We created an offsite for the whole team and designed a programme based on the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY approach. It allowed individuals to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas – not using words, which is inherently limiting – but using LEGO bricks. It creates an environment that uses to play to express deep, sometimes personal business ideas and ambitions.

Individuals built models that expressed who they are, their ambition and their fears. Together we used these models to build a collective ambition, a story the team believed in, could aim and could start executing the next day.


The results

  • A new ambition
  • An aligned team
  • An agreement on the current situations – what is working, what is not
  • The key factors that will help us reach our team ambition
  • A division of responsibility for who takes on what on the team


At the start of the day when I heard what we would attempt to accomplish, let alone keep everyone on board an in agreement, I had some serious doubts. But we did it! It was serious play, but what an experience and what an achievement. We know where we are going and we know the route we need to take.
— Team Member

The next step

How do we work together in a more effective, fun and focussed way?


I never explicitly refer to a client in a case study.