Building trust

Earn trust. Earn Trust. Earn Trust.
Then you can worry about the rest.
— Seth Godin

We had a long-term and diverse team, functioning in an established business

Leadership who have inherited challenges from the past

A team that does not trust each other or the leadership

A team that is scoring the lowest employee surveys across the business

A team that is no longer proud of what they do


The challenge

A team functions when there is a clear purpose, trust and relationship. Take any of those away – and the team will struggle, in fact, you just have a collection of people who work in the same space.

This is the situation we were looking to help fix. To take a team that is barely surviving and make it a team that was thriving. 


What did we do

  1. An overnight session with team to tell stories, to be human and to explore the unsaid, un-talked-about issues
  2. Define clear ambitions with HR and the leadership team so we know what we want to achieve
  3. Identify the Game Changers – those individuals who will defend the journey we’re going on
  4. Support the leadership with coaching that give them the tools and the equipping theuy need for the transition
  5. Remove the hierarchy and start building a network


The results

  • A leadership who have opened up to creating a new future that everyone can shape and build.
  • A team that stand on the starting line of a journey to shift from hierarchy to network, from individuals to team, from fear to trust, form closed to open.
  • A set of game-changers who will pioneer and drive the change.
  • A new energy and a new excitement.
  • A safe place
  • A willingness to embrace uncertainty
we’re surviving and we want to thrive, we need the support of external people like Ben to help us drive that change
— team member
we have new energy and new passion to see this journey through and a make a change
— team member

Due to the nature of topics I deal with, I never explicitly refer to clients