Working in a more human and effective way

Technology allows a team seamless, consistent and continuous connections and communications. But it underpins something deeper and more intrinsic that must exist. Every team is unique and has a unique “team life” experience. Take Real Madrid football team. They have a DNA, a flavour, a style and way of working together as a team. You can swap out the odd player and it will impact the performance but it will not impact the unique ‘team life’

Building trust

A team functions when there is a clear purpose, trust and relationship. Take any of those away – and the team will struggle. Take them all away and a team will die.

This is the situation we were looking to help fix. To take a team that barely surviving and make it a team that was thriving. We had, no we have, one year to do it.

Help the board define and align the business

I've sat in countless meetings over the past 15 years and rarely have they differed wildly from the outline above. Engagement is a little like broadband, you're promised 100MB but rarely during the day does it go about 60MB. And what is more, its usually the same people speaking - me if it's my meeting - talking about pretty much the things I usually talk about.