Are you leading from the creative or reactive?

'Have to' and 'Want to' - two tiny verbs that make the world of difference to how you are as a leader. Two words that are a world apart in their energy, in how they make you feel and how you function as a leader.

You can experience the difference with a really simple experiment - one you can do right now behind your desk.

  • Write a list of things you need to do and preface each item on the list with the phrase "I have to..."

How do you feel?

A little weighed dow? n A little flat? Some of your energy has been sucked? A little slouched?

  • Now take that same list and re-write it with the phrase "I want to..." prefacing each item.

How do you feel?

Empowered? Upbeat? Positive? In control? Ready to go for it?

That difference you feel is the difference between leading out of your Reactive - constantly giving, trying to control (and failing to do so), energy sucking and disempowering. (There is a caveat here: sometimes we need to be in the Reactive space but then it has to be a choice. Often we're the Reactive because we've never known any different, or the culture forces us in to the Reactive space.)

The alternative - the "I want to..." space is about being in your creative space. It's energy giving, freeing, authentic and empowering.

Do you lead from your Reactive or from your Creative... and more importantly, do you want to step in to Creative Leadership?